Do you need some unique spices to help your weight loss? Here are some safe and unique spices you can add to your use with your HCG drops and diet plan to control your diet. Certain spices can actually stall your weight loss when using HCG drops. Mixed spices that you buy in the store contain oil, fruit peels, carbs, and sugar that are not allowed on the HCG diet. These spices below provide extra punches to the body to help you lose unwanted fat and pounds while taking HCG drops. They also can provide extra flavoring to make meals more delicious and appealing with the HCG diet plan

Turmeric- This spice is usually found in curry dishes. One active ingredient in Turmeric is Curcumin and it is known for reducing the buildup of fat tissue. It suppresses the blood vessels from building new fat. This gives your body chances to break down that fat and expel it even faster.

Cumin- Cumin is an herb that can improve your body’s digestion and energy production in the body. Cumin also helps with weight loss by breaking down built up of sugar the body stores in pre- diabetics and diabetics.

Ginger- Ginger is a spice that helps you to lose weight with HCG Diet. Ginger is a warming spice with thermogenic properties that helps burn fat. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory by soothing and relaxing the intestines and digestive tract.  Ginger is also a natural appetite suppressant. [ Click here to checkout more dieting tips]

Dandelion- Dandelions strangely enough are good for you, from root to petal. They are full of Vitamin K, fiber, minerals, and beta carotene. With all these nutrients it helps you lose weight by leveling your cholesterol and blood sugars. It also aids the real diet drops by cleaning the liver so you can shed even more pounds.